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I decided to review this palette because this collaboration of James Charles with Morphe Brushes had so many mixed reviews I had to explore it by myself. And I also did not have a colorful palette like this, and I was curious on how much will I reach for this colors. But none the less, I wanted to understand what were the (claimed) quality issues.

I spent my Saturday morning around the James Charles palette. I swatched every shade, I tried to compare with other palettes I have, spend 3274635 makeup remover wipes (LOL), almost scratched my skin of... but I found some conclusions.

First, very important: or you are a colorful palette kind of girl, or you are not. If you are not, you will probably be disappointed.

Second, as some of you already know, for review purposes I don't wear primers on my arm skin in order to get consistency when comparing brands and palettes.

If you are into these bright and colorful shades, then you might consider getting it (or not) after this review.

Please have in mind, this is MY experience AND opinion. Never decide to buy or not a product based on ONE opinion. Before deciding to buy anything I view/read about 20 reviews/opinions, just to give you an idea how subjective this can be.

Why there's so opposite opinions about this palette? Was what I wanted to first understand. 

The fact is that I found a "kind of" inconsistent palette. I can say that about 50% of the shades were underwhelming (at first)... I was definitely expecting the best of the best. Morphe "clients" are used to some consistency/quality on their palettes. And some shades are definitely under that pigmentation/quality standard. I have 3 Morphe Brushes palettes. I have the Jaclyn Hill, 35E and 35F. I love all of them. On the other hand, there's "Jeffrey Star clients" that are definitely expecting major pigmentation on bright and colorful shades (can't forget this fact).

The shimmers:
I wish there was more shimmers (what's the news?!! ahahah).

Negatives - The 3 lighter shades were very disappointing I must say, but all the others seem to have a nice pigmentation. But for example, ANY of the goldish shades worked with a brush. 

The mattes:
Half of them were nice, specially the neutral shades. There's was one dark brown that was disappointing, but overall neutrals were pretty normal.

Negatives - The brighter shades. I don't know if this can be considered a negative in all it's definition. These were definitely formulated to be buildable. Which can make sense, when you work with these kind of colors probably it's better to work with a buildable product than have all it's pigmentation at once and then blend... don't know, bright colors is not my bay.

I swatched 3 colors to show you how they look with 1, 2 and 3 swatches on top of each other:

Has you can see they build up pretty fine and easily.

NOTE THAT: The blue shimmer and the bright pink will stain your skin.

Overall, honestly, if you are into this colors and are ok with buildable colors you will be happy with it. If you are crazy about heavy pigmented mattes, super bright and pigmented shimmers you might be disappointed.

In my case, I'm happy with it. I will definitely explore more the colorful part of makeup through this palette.

You can get your palette at The Cult Beauty

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  1. The shimmers look really nice :) The only reason I am not getting this palettes is James person himself , not a fan of him at all


    1. OMG I'm so sorry only answering now!! I don't even follow or know him ahahaha I'm more like "I'm here for the makeup" kind of makeup lover :D Thank you for stopping by!!


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