*My Day* Makeup Reviews

This was my selection this last Sunday. I wanted to keep trying out new products, but had to pick some of good old ones I've missed so much on my vacation.

Like I said before, I will only write considerations about items I habe something new to say. Anyway if you have questions about any other product let me know in the comments.

HUDA BEAUTY The Complexion Perfection Primer - I don't know if I got a bad one, but after using it, the next time I pick it up it seems that a cream part separates from an oily part, and when I use the pump, even if I had the care to shake it very well, the first 2 pumps come separated. It's awful. Ok I can pump those 2 times to a Kleenex but can you imagine how much product I'll be wasting? It's nonsense and should not be this way. But apart from that, I've been enjoying my makeup day when I use this primer.

NARS Cosmetics Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation - Because I'm still so tanned I'm stuck with 2 or 3 darker foundations I have. This shade was actually ordered by mistake but it happens to be the PERFECT match for me when I'm tanned. I always like it, but I have to say it looks even more beautiful when I give a final touch with a blender damped with the Too Faced HangoverRx Setting Spray.

SMASHBOX Studio Skin 24hours - This is a really good concealer. Behaved as expected all day, BUT it's not enough for me when It comes to coverage. Maybe when I'm not so tired ahahah it's a shame because it has such a nice formula! But my dark circles are like 2 big black holes where almost none concealer can cover...

Guerlain Terracotta Sous Les Palmiers - This bronzer is just stunnning. I used only the bronzer part, but you can also use de pinkish zone as a blush.

DIOR Diorskin Nude Air Glow (shade Soft Sunlight) - This is such a luxurious product. It's undertones make you look amazing in just one swipe. I used in diagonal, so I would catch mainly the pinkish areas, and apply as a blush. You can do the same in opposite direction and get only bronzing shades. Or even if you prefer mix everything for an instant glow. I love it, one of my favorite powder products.

BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector - This highligters are, in my honest opinion, one of the best products I the marked. After trying so many great highlighters, none impresses me so much like when I use these (I have 3 of them).

Milani Pure Passion Eyeshadow Palette - I will have to do a separate post about this palette, also explaining what I expect from an eyeshadow, etc etc. But I can say It's a good palette with some bad shades. But the good ones, are really good, so it's totally worth the money! Although they are not that longlasting as I like. They fade a bit along the day.

NARS Climax Mascara - Here we go. Now I understand the mixed reviews. The thing is, or you tolerate clumpy mascaras in order to get volume, or you don't. What I found is that it's a really good mascara if you swipe max 3-4 swipes. After that, if you start to build it up it will get clumpy. Period. It's undeniable. If you prefer beautifully separated lashes, pick another mascara or if you pick this one, don't build it up or you will be frustrated. The main pro is that, if I can remind, it's one of those mascaras easy to take off. So I would recommend it ofc, but don't expect dramatic lashes without a bit of clumpyness.

Primark GLOW Setting Spray - I'm honestly starting to like it, but because it really gives you a nice glow. Fixing power is nonexistent and if you have oily skin, I would not recommend it too. It accentuates the "natural glow" at the end on the day.

Please be free to leave your comments, questions, ask for other reviews...just let me know!!

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