*My Day* Makeup Reviews

This was my selection this saturday "morning" (moms mornings may not happen before 9am LOL).

Today I picked some new stuff I got that was so anxious to try!!

Because it's easier for everyone, I'll go product by product, by the order I applied. Will not mention products if I've already talked about them enough in the past!

Guerlain Météorites - Bought this one because I love L'Or so much, but I did not feel that this one does MUCH for me but get pretty flatlays... It's not bad, ofc, and will keep using, but I had high expectations, and I didn't feel much of a difference.

Primark Pure Double Dimension Drops - Same as above. I didn't feel much of a difference. Will have to keep using it until I completely get to a final conclusion.

Deliplus Fijo & Cubriente - I was expecting more out of this foundation. I've tried it's concealer, from this line and I like it, so I had big expectations. And, on this first impressions, it was not up to it. I'll have to try it with other primers.

Tarte Cosmetics Creaseless Concealer - Although it worked pretty well, was perfect at the end of the day, and has a nice coverage, it has a THICK and STICKY consistency... really strange. Did I got a bad one? If you have it, it's your like this too? 

Essence Brighten Up Banana Powder - I've finally bought this pressed powder that I've being seeing all over the internet. For it's price I decided to check if it was up to it's hype. And, even for first impression, I can advance: it's REALLY good. I could even say it's TOO good, because I used just under my eyes, and at the end of the day all my face was with that "natural glow" (needing to be retouched!) and under my eyes.....nothing...as perfect as it was when I applied it. Which it turns out to be a bit odd, just like when you have all your makeup but did not put lipstick yet... looks something is wrong but can't say exactly why :)

Deliplus Polvo Compacto #NOFILTER - I gave a beautiful finish but wont make it till end of the day, but it's so mild and soft that when I rubbed my finger I was like "i'm getting nothing!" then looked at my finger and it was pigmented! You just can't feel it! Really nice!

e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Fiji - When I first swatched it I was a bit disappointed... but it was a new product and I had to test it!! And I'm, glad I did. It works much better with a brush. It's much more pigmented than expected. Just wish the bronzer had a different undertone. Don't know if I wish it was warmer... or if I over applied it... will have to use more in order to get it 100% I might pick another shade duo later on.

Pixi Beauty Blush Duo Peach Honey - Well.... *rolling eyes* I decided it was a highlighter ahahah what can I say... and I liked it! Obviously was not blinding! But it gave that natural highlight perfect for a everyday use!

Smashbox Cover Shot palette ABLAZE - These palettes have the PERFECT size for traveling. And honestly enough product for me, I have so much... stuff! that any 1 gram is good for me :) About the shades. ALL but one (my favorite pan... BUAAAAAA) is AWESOME. I've never got so much pigment in the lid with a brush since Viseart palettes. I would pick more palettes from this collection but honestly I think I don't like any other enough to get it... I'll wait for Holiday season hopefully they will launch a new one. Unfortunately, the most beautiful color...it's just terrible. It did not swatched decently (1st sign...) then when I applied, it was patchy, hard to blend, not pigmented.... everything you don't want in a matte eyeshadow. But to be honest the quality of every other colors is so good I definitely would buy it again!

NARS Climax Mascara Black - I was expecting more. Will have to try some more times before getting my review done!! 

Huda Beauty DEMI MATTE in Day Slayer - I liked it, BUT...honestly... I have doubts if the fact that it has such less staying power will compensate the finish... I'm a "long wearing" kind of girl. I hate to have to retouch. But yes it's super nice. If you don't mind to retouch go for it, you will like it. I specially liked the doe foot applicator. 

Primark GLOW Setting Spray - I did not catch it at first, but yes, it gives a nice glow, BUT I'm feeling that fixing power is almost none... Will use all week, and in the end will give a final review.

Please be free to leave your comments, questions, ask for other reviews...just let me know!!

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