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Today's makeup routine!

Well yesterday was A MESS of a day...but today I got my 20 minutes for my makeup routine. I had previously selected what I would use today, so it would be faster, but kind of turns me off this absence of creative on the go process. Don't know you get what I'm trying to say!

But it all went ok, the products worked ok, so let's go to the review!

Revolution Beauty Pro Radiant Peach Primer - Wait!?.. what?... did anyone said something? Primer?? ....where??.... (forget it, this does nothing more than give some hydration... but it's nice!! But definitely did not helped me with covering my darkest areas.)

Deliplus Fijo & Cubriente Corrector -  Like said before, And like Smashbox one, it's a really nice formula, but that huge coverage  need now. But would totally remomend, it's a really nice formula.

BECCA Cosmetics Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder - I'm still loving this powder although it's a pain in the ass it oxidizes some concealers , when it works, it works really good. And on contrary of some feedbacks all over the internet, after all these months (and I used it quite some times already) it's still gives that fresh /hydration effect. At least mine did not dried down like some people said.

Deliplus Polvos de Sol - Putting aside the fact that I'm in love with this pan!!! It's a really nice bronzer, you have to build it up a bit, got over pigmented, with is a plus when you are sleepy in the morning!!! It worked super fine, I'm totally a fan of it. 

Hourglass Extreme Caution Mascara - I have much to say and not much to say at the same time. Starting from the end, the short version: I love it, will use a lot! Now the longer version: I was a bit scared with the warning that it brings. It was the first time a makeup product I get as a warning!! And with that all the mixed reviews with testimonials about how irritating it was for the eyes etc etc etc... From my experience, I get to this conclusion: each women apply mascara differently (probably MUA's know which one is correct but I don't) I got notion of that after a makeup session at Sephora where the lady basically put mascara up to my eyeballs...I was terrible feeling. And besides that I think I also have sensitive eyes because there is a makeup remover for eyes from Clinique that make my eyes hurt so much that the first time I used it I thought I had picked up the wrong bottle! BUT I was ok with this Mascara from Hourglass... why? Probably because I don't touch my water line when I putting mascara, so unless it smudges (which did not happen), the mascara stays where it supposed to stay, in lashes, and not inside my eyes. My suggestion is, is you are having trouble with this mascara, try to use light hand and don't use it so close to the water line. You'll get great lash separation, but don't stick the formula inside your eye.

Primark Hydrate Setting Spray - I have some areas that tend to feel dry (and uncomfortable) along the day, and to be honest I can't feel much difference when using this setting spray. It's 5pm and I already with that feeling. Will use it some more times, and then give you my final thoughts.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain - It's not that bad, but you need to moisturize your lips first or you will get that... *laugh* effect... They could be cheaper though.

Please be free to leave your comments, questions, ask for other reviews...just let me know!!

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  1. That eyeshadow palette is gorgeous everyday one, love the colors x



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