Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

Let's talk about what no one seems to want to talk about...

Lets talk about  Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. If you go through Instagram community, it seems that EVERYONE loves her liquid lipsticks collection. On the other hand, if you go through feedbacks of product in every webstore that has ABH you will see, like half of it, feedbacks of 1 star and people wondering how such bad product is so hyped. 

When ABH did the 2x1 promo on national lipstick day I grabbed 3 at the same time, the 4th I decided to chose a full size of stick lipsticks, that those, I already knew I loved.

I was EXCITED to try them. I put them to use first day after they arrive. I started from lightest shade PURE HOLLYWOOD, then CRUSH and finally TROUBLE. And then...all over again through then, until I figure out what was going on...

I end up to the conclusion that there are 4 types of women in this world. The ones that have naturally perfect, hydrated and bold lips, the ones that use lip balm and retouch (the lip balm) every hour, the ones that have (what I would call) normal lips, and DON'T use lip balm every hour, and so they know they have dry lips, (but sometimes they don't know, and that is THE PROBLEM), and lastly the ones that don't wear lipsticks at all.

The first time I applied PURE HOLLYWOOD, I was not even at my workplace and I was already WTF is this??!!!! Honestly, I almost had a break down when I thought about all the money I had (supposedly) sent away through the window. I spend all day wondering how the hell such a crappy lipstick formula had so many fans?!! I had to find the answer! Mission taken!!

What happened to me?? Well, to be short, and use someone's expression left in some 1* feedback, it was only like an hour after I applied the lipstick and I was already with...BUTT HOLE EFFECT LOLOLOL exactly! I went to tears (of laughing) when I first saw this description on a negative feedback to this lipsticks, because, it's so funny...and so truthful!

These were the shades I got:

From top to bottom: PURE HOLLYWOOD, CRUSH and TROUBLE.

My experience was so so bad, that, around lunch time when I gave up on this lipstick, I wanted to apply my Marc Jacobs Gloss and could n't do it! Because it was not only dried out, it started to create lumps and flaked...ARRRRRK A-W-E-F-U-L!! I had to find a way to completely take it of, to then apply the gloss.

BUT, after some days of testing, I found that if I exfoliate my lips, applied lip balm, then applied the liquid lipstick, then apply lip balm on top of lipstick before it completely dried down, wait to it dries down...I would get good results, and then agree with the other half of the world!!

As you can see in the small video I made, they leave a very pigmented and thin layer, but it REALLY dried down so much (to get this long wearing effect) that the lips will easily not have enough "oils" to keep color elasticity. And so that's why so many people "don't" like them.

So basically, if you want to pick those ABH liquid Lipsticks of your "bad bin", instead of throwing them out, give them a try with some good dose of lip balm. You really have to go around with them, experimenting what your lips need in order to work with them.

My honest review?

Will I use them again? Yes.

Will I repurchase? Probably not.
Do I love them? No.
Do I like them? Yes.
Would I suggest someone to buy them? No.
Would I suggest someone that already owns one to retry them? Yes.
Are they long wearing? Yes.
Are they comfortable (stretch feeling) after dry down? Yes, you can't feel it. 

Bottom line: Considering that there are so many good and much cheaper options, with the same long wearing effect, with no problem for drier lips, I don't think, for the trouble I have to get a good lip day with them, they are a choice to consider (for new purchases). If you have them, give them another try. If you don't have any, but want to try them, choose just one to test, and then after confirming you are happy with it buy the entire collection, because GOD! that's some beautiful nudes collection!

XOXO have a good makeup day!! 

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♥ Thank you so much for reading 


  1. Thanks for your honest review.. i have never tried them and enjoyed reading your experience about these lippies..
    Like your blog.. love..❤️

    1. Just saw your comment now! Have to turn on notifications! 😁 Thank you! ❤️ will save your blog too! 😘

  2. That is some really honest review and i love it! I was totally planning to get a few! In that sense, i might as well get a colourpop matte and save me some money! Lol! U tried colourpop?


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